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From the depths of the sun bleached sands of Tucson, AZ, Bleach Party, USA arose to fill a hole that needed filling, desert surf punk. In November 2016 they sought to drink bleach, party, and rock n roll. They played their first show January 2017 opening for Green Jelly and continued sharing the stage with national acts as well as the very best Tucson has to offer. With a successful start they headed into the studio to record their debut release "Get Stoked" for digital release for Mystic Records. In support of their ep they traveled to California for a mini tour and a follow up mini tour to TX/NM and did over 20 shows in the first year and two festival appearances. After recording what would be their follow up EP "Get Stokeder" original singer, Joe, decided to leave the band to give full attention to his other band. With much more party, bleach, and rock n roll left, long time friend and musical associate, Fernando stepped in to fill the newly vacated front man position.

Fernando - vocals
Rob - drums
Les - bass
Travis - guitar


Abuse 1/25/19

Crust Fund 1/10/19

Drink Bleach - Official Music Video







Get Stokeder

"The overall sound is like a hardcore Rudimentary Peni! This is a darn good listen!!!" - Punk Online

"New vocalist Fernando brings an added layer of raw punkiness to the first two tracks, Bleach Party Party and House while the others bring the meat and thickness of a hard rocking pair of tracks. Going on these two alone, Bleach Party, USA have renewed energy." - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Get Stoked

"This EP is short, fast, delightfully distasteful, and one hell of a fun ride proving that any time is the right time for terrible puns and devil music." - AZ Kaos

"There might be plenty of ‘punk’ bands about within the underground scene now but none quite as exciting as Bleach Party, USA." - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"Bleach Party USA plays a ‘80’s Hardcore Punk that could fall a little under Nardcore territory and other So Cal influences." - Ed Stuart (Audio Ammunition)


Interview with Gio and Meatbag (starts at 12:48)

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