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Straight out of Tucson, AZ are Sicario, the punk rock assassins. Founded by Mickey Sixx and Travis Fry in late 2015. Wanting to bring a slice of old school hardcore punk rock to Tucson they recruited members Snoopy and Guero. They have played numerous local shows and will be sharing the stage with Luicidal and D.I. at inFEST Tucson 4. They have released a lathe cut 7" on My Dad Hits Me Records. Travis decided to leave the band to go in a different direction. Mickey moved to vocals and Damon was added on guitar.

Live Videos

"Kick the Covers" at the Rat Trap 9/5/16

Official Music Videos

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Live Show Reviews

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"From my old stomping grounds of Tucson, AZ comes Sicario, a noisy, sloppy group of miscreants who play well, noisy, sloppy Punk Rock. Sometimes they remind me of Tucson old timers UPS, sometimes they remind me a bit of early DRI, just not as fast. Overall a pretty cool slab o’ Punk Rock for you to get your hands on." - the Dirty Room